In Philadelphia, Metallica Proves Once Again It’s Some Kind Of Live Monster

Metallica brought its WorldWired tour to MAGNET’s hometown of Philly, and it had a couple of Brotherly Love connections. The show was the last of the 50th birthday concerts by WMMR, a local classic-rock radio station instrumental in launching the career of the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. The band’s All Within My Hands Foundation donated $10,000 to Philabundance, an organization that helps feed Philadelphians in need. After comedian Jim Breuer warmed up the crowd, Metallica came out and played an 18-song, in-the-round set consisting of material dating all the way back to debut Kill Em All, which turned 35 this summer. MAGNET photographer Wes Orshoski was there to ride the lightning and get these great shots.

Jim Breuer