Essential New Music: Bushman’s Revenge’s “Et Hån Mot Overklassen”

Bushman’s Revenge, 2019. Foto: Marthe Amanda Vannebo

If you’re prone to road-trip fantasies, it’ll only take one look at the sports car on the cover of the 10th album by Bushman’s Revenge to get you dreaming of twisting back roads and uncluttered straightaways. The image is also an apt metaphor for the Norwegian power trio’s dynamic, well-tooled music, which shifts smoothly between idle reverie and humming momentum.

On previous records Bushman’s Revenge has used judiciously selected covers (Pixies, Black Sabbath, Sun Ra) to let you know its roots and range. This time, guitarist Even Hermansen, bassist Rune Nergard and drummer Gard Nilssen have either individually or collectively written the entire double LP, and while they’ve eased up on the heaviness of earlier recordings, there’s not a slack minute in its hour-plus playing time. Et Hån Mot Overklassen (“A Mockery Of The Upper Class”) is an apt soundtrack to your inner eye’s road trip.

—Bill Meyer