MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Tulipomania’s “Gone” Video

Last year, as part of our ongoing Isolation Drills series, Tulipomania told us how they had spent a lot of their time at home during the pandemic finishing up their ambitious animation video for “Gone.” And now, MAGNET has the clip for you, the day of the song’s release.

The animation in the “Gone” video was created frame by frame by the band’s Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray, a mixture of stop-motion shots of tattered objects and collages on thousands of individual sheets of black paper. Gelover and Murray had to synchronize the animated collaged lips with the vocal track, which they say was a painstaking process. And as for the cash you see in the clip, well, it wasn’t easy money.

“Purchasing enough paper ‘play money’ at dollar stores to use in the making of the volume of collages needed was more challenging than we anticipated,” says the duo. “However, buying ‘play money’ with actual money at a store named for money was a fitting start to beginning an animation to work with this song.”

Gelover and Murray are currently plugging away on their fifth Tulipomania album. But today, we’re proud to premiere the video for “Gone” at MAGNET. Check it out right here, right now.

Says the duo, “How do you tell the truth about a made-up thing? Money doesn’t just talkā€”it sings!”