The Lilys To Reissue Two ’90s Indie-Rock Classics On Vinyl

The Lilys were one of Philly’s best bands during the city’s indie-rock glory days of the ’90s. (MAGNET got its start here at roughly the same time the group released its debut album.) The Lilys were also one of the City Of Brotherly Love’s most misunderstood bands, even by the countless members who were part of the revolving-door cast of musicians that Kurt Heasley surrounded himself with.

Heasley also changed up the Lilys’ sound as often as he did his bandmates, from MBV-heavy shoegaze to dream pop to ’60s British Invasion rock. So if you’re new to the wonderful and not-so-frightening world of the Lilys, now’s your chance to make up for lost time. This month, two Lilys classics will reissued on vinyl. 1994 “mini” album A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns makes its wax debut courtesy of the Frontier label as an expanded edition, and 1999’s The 3 Way (Sundazed) will also be available on vinyl for the first time.

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