Trampin’ In The Poconos: Patti Smith Guitarist Lenny Kaye Brings The Peace And Noise To Stroudsburg, Pa.

He’s been Patti Smith’s lead guitarist from the start. He’s worked with R.E.M., Allen Ginsberg, Suzanne Vega and Joey Ramone, to name just a few. He assembled 1972’s seminal and massively influential Nuggets compilation. He wrote for Rolling Stone, Melody Maker, Creem and many other mags that influenced MAGNET back in the day. So over the course of his 55 years in the music biz, Lenny Kaye has been all over the map. But on this September day in 2021, Kaye was in the small Poconos borough of Stroudsburg, Pa. (birthplace to another great guitarist: G.E. Smith). MAGNET photographer—and massive Patti Smith Group fan—Chris Sikich went to StroudFest 2021 to feel the Lenny Kaye connection.