Rhett Miller’s Superfriends: Paul F. Tompkins

rhettmillerlogo100cc2We asked Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller to guest edit this week, and he pawned it off on a bunch of his famous friends: other musicians, actors, writers and comedians. Well played, Rhett. But you can’t hide behind a self-titled solo album. Rhett Miller (Shout! Factory), a Beatlesque beauty featuring Jon Brion, is out this week.

kindle230Paul F. Tompkins is funny, funny guy. He is the host of VH1’s hilarious Best Week Ever With Paul F. Tompkins. Paul F. Tompkins recommends:

Kindle 2 by Amazon
Look, I like books, and I am not trying to wish them away. But before you get too carried away fetishizing paper and carboard, don’t forget it’s the stories that need to be preserved above all else. If you’re skeptical, borrow a Kindle 2 from your local library and you will see. Reading is reading.

Drood by Dan Simmons
Drood is a historical novel about the “inspiration” for Charles Dickens’s last, unfinished work, as told by his friend, rival and frequent collaborator, Wilkie Collins. Who is also a severe opium addict.

The National
I have the National in heavy rotation lately, specifically the albums Alligator and Boxer. So good. Thanks to my friend and colleague Nelson Walters for turning me on to them.

Walking to work
Now that spring has sprung, if you can do this, you should do this. Get outside, be part of the world a little before you head into whatever constitutes your office.

The Best Show On WFMU
The Best Show describes itself as “three hours of mirth, music and mayhem,” and that’s pretty accurate. Host Tom Scharpling opines on everything and anything, takes phone calls and does at least one comedy bit per episode with Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster. One of my favorite things on Earth, in history. Tuesday nights from 8-11 EST.

Comedy And Everything Else…
This podcast features comedians Todd Glass, Jimmy Dore and Stephane Zamorano talking about the stuff in the title. Funny, thoughtful and loose as hell. Comedy And Everything Else… grows and grows on you.

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