Best Of 2009: Hidden Treasures



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BRIMSTONE HOWL Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately? [Alive]
“Suicide Blues” (download):

THE BROTHERS MOVEMENT The Brothers Movement [Rocket Girl]
“Blind” (download):

CHEVAL SOMBRE Cheval Sombre [Double Feature]
“Little Bit Of Heaven” (download):

EAST HUNDRED Passenger [self-released]
“Slow Burning Crimes” (download):

IT HUGS BACK Inside Your Guitar [4AD]
“Now + Again” (download):

LAMINATED CAT Umbrella Weather [Garden Gate]
“Aquamarine” (download):

MANNEQUIN MEN Lose Your Illusion, Too [Flameshovel]
“Massage” (download):

THE MILK & HONEY BAND Dog-Eared Moonlight [Ape]
“Disappear” (download):

PORT O’BRIEN Threadbare [TBD]
“My Will Is Good” (download):

SUGARPLUM FAIRIES Chinese Leftovers [Starfish]
“First Rate Show” (download):

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A couple of sentences, you got it! Brimstone Howl kicks all your asses all over place. You need to make mention of Devil Eyes and Moon Duo! By the way the Top 20 0f ’09 was tepid at best! And where is the next issue and why am I receiving Spin magazine all of a sudden? A rag by the son of a pornographer whose writters put Meriweather Post-Pavilion at the top of their 2009 list needs to be delivered to my garbage can instead of my mailbox!

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