From The Desk Of Oneida’s Kid Millions: Joni Mitchell

In 2008, Oneida began the Thank Your Parents triptych with Preteen Weaponry. Since, the Brooklyn band—Kid Millions, Bobby Matador, Baby Hanoi Jane, Showtime and Barry London—has completed it with 2009’s Rated O and the new Absolute II (Jagjaguwar). The quintet is touring Europe in August and is also playing the Asbury Park, N.J.-based All Tomorrow’s Parties in October. In addition, Millions will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

Millions: One time, I found myself in the possession of Joni Mitchell’s phone number. So, of course, I called her. It was 1994, and she hadn’t put out any new music in a while. She actually picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

I froze. And then I said, “Keep writing.”

She kind of laughed, “Is that you, Crosby?”

No shit. She really said this.

Crosby had just had a liver transplant and was in the hospital at the time.

I hung up.

I submitted this story to an open call for inspirational moments related to Joni Mitchell from the producers of her as-yet-unreleased boxed set. They never got back to me about it.

Apparently, Joni Mitchell has a huge ego, but sometimes, that’s what it takes to survive.

No judgments.