Film At 11: Casey Black

Casey Black, Nashville music artist and son of acclaimed songwriter Charlie Black, will be releasing Lay You In The Loam on June 18. This is Black’s fourth studio album, and it will be issued via CatBeach Music. We are proud to present the video premiere for new single “Fire Fire Fire Fire” today on Download it below.

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Thank you for posting this video and helping this great songwriter reach a larger audience. I love this song and the video. Very clever and very moving.

I – Love -This – Song! Only I believe my interpretation extends beyond the depths & the heights of your average listener. This lyric, this modern poem has many signs of pointing to a great effort to create a gradual spiritual awakening. Oh YES Casey. The true essence of this lyric lies in between the words. The repeated title ‘Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire” is a representation of the spiritual fire that remains latent in every human being. Even the struggle to overcome the evil that lives in all of us is clearly expressed and felt in the strength of your vocal. There is much that I could expose about the greatness of the song, the lyric, the voice as well as all the physical props within the video that would amaze anyone who would only have an unprejudiced desire to discover the ‘Truth’ that waits to be revealed to anyone with an open mind. Well done Casey! I’ll be following you closely, now that I’m aware that you have the talent to influence the thinking of this starved world seeking balance and harmony. And by the way, your Father & I worked together in the studios of Nashville. I love that guy, his music, his lyrics and his talented Dana. Man, what an exceptional trio of talent!!!

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