From The Desk Of The Album Leaf: Vintage Mixers

AlbumLeafLogoPerils From The Sea is a collaboration between Jimmy LaValle of the Album Leaf and Mark Kozelek. It’s a set of long, somber songs that melds LaValle’s spacious, orchestral electronic instrumentation with Kozelek’s forthright and world-weary vocals. They’re transfixing, often beautiful, sometimes unsettling. The collaboration grew out of mutual admiration. Kozelek had seen LaValle play a few times, both in his old band Tristeza and the Album Leaf, and was impressed; and he is a fan, especially, of Torey’s Distraction, last year’s soundtrack album from the Album Leaf. LaValle will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on him and Kozelek.


LaValle: So you know when you go into an overpriced recording studio and you see this massive giant, beautiful mixing console that costs upward of $50k and ridiculously above and beyond?? Well, they sound amazing and most people can’t afford it!! But what you can afford is some genuine, vintage home-recording mixers from the likes of Tascam, Teac, Yamaha etc. … They are amazingly cheap and sound great. Use their mic pre’s to record drums if you only have a stereo in or are lacking inputs. I’m personally not into the cleanest recordings, so using these cheap affordable mixers creates very unique, cool sounding recordings. I used a Tascam M106 that I found on Craigslist for $50 to record drums on my last Album Leaf EP, Forward/Return. The proof is in that pudding.

Video after the jump.