From The Desk Of Mree: Crafty Crafts (Easy Shoe Painting)

MreeLogoMree’s second self-produced album, Winterwell, is a passionate blend of heartfelt acoustic folk and plush electronic textures, brought to life by her rich, multi-layered vocals. Mree’s lush harmonies float in and out of the mix like perfumed clouds, drawing you into a dizzying swirl of muted colors and ambiguous emotions. Armed with a guitar and an effects pedal that allows her to loop her vocals into an ever-shifting collage of sound, Mree is able to reproduce most of the album when she plays live. The New Jersey multi-instrumentalist will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on her.


Mree: For some reason, I’ve always had the urge to paint on a pair of shoes. I had white canvas shoes from Walmart for $5 and some paint lying around and decided to give it a go! All you need is:

Plain canvas shoes
Acrylic paint
Thin Sharpie markers
Paint brushes

All I did was lightly sketch a design on the canvas shoes with the pencil (but be super light and careful; it shows through watered down paint). Try not to make too many mistakes. You can use the eraser to fix them, but watch out for eraser marks—they tend to scuff up the material and discolor the fabric. After, I used my thin Sharpie markers to trace over the lines I made with the pencil. To make thicker lines, you can use a bigger marker. I then got my paint ready and watered it down to make my colors lighter and more like watercolors. Use lots of water and layer the paint to get that gradient color effect, and less water to make the colors more vibrant. To add highlights to the eyes, hair, etc., wait for the paint to dry (or use a hair dryer) and use little water (if any at all) to make them stand out on top of the existing layer of paint. I haven’t worn these out in the rain (as I don’t advise you do so unless you spray on a fixative after the paint dries).

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