From The Desk Of Torche: Good Days

Back in 2005, when Torche unleashed its debut helping of thunderous doom-pop, guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks’ former band, Floor, was dead and buried. Never again would Brooks’ former and present groups compete for his time and attention. Well, never say never. Floor dropped Oblation last April. Suddenly, “a few reunion gigs” became a time-consuming reality, with Brooks balancing two bands’ write/record/tour cycles. It’s a juggling act Torche has been at since 2008 when members started moving away from the group’s Miami home base. Restarter, the band’s fourth LP, packs in all the familiar elements, but does so with a looser, more somber tone and sullen mood. The members of Torche will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on them.


Jonathan Nuñez: I really like good days. Having them, remembering them, and participating in them. You just can’t beat a damn good day. Even when you have a partially good day or night, you forget about the shitty parts prior to when things got better/good/great. Cheers to good days.