Essential New Music: Lush’s “Blind Spot”


When you couple the chemistry and longtime friendship between guitarists/vocalists Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson (the pair’s roots go back 30-plus years to their school days and cut ‘n’ paste fanzine publication together) with the fact that Berenyi has stated her vocal and guitar style existed exclusively for Lush, it’s no surprise Blind Spot sounds like the band hasn’t missed a step since 1998.

These are four songs spanning the shoegaze/Britpop continuum of Lush’s classic Spooky and mainstream breakthrough Lovelife, and jangly chords, whispery vocals and that patented alt-gaze crescendo-ing snare fill are still the best methods for dealing with the joy and pain of love and relationships. “Out Of Control” sounds straight outta 1992, while the accessibility of “Burnham Beaches” could be a Lovelife outtake and is screaming for some call-and-response action with Jarvis Cocker. A fitting introduction and proud tribute to drummer Chris Acland, whose suicide catalysed the group’s original disbanding.

—Kevin Stewart-Panko