From The Desk Of Thalia Zedek: Flux Factory

The quiet, introspective Eve shows off the Thalia Zedek Band’s impressive musical range. Zedek made her name playing her singular brand of ear-splitting, dissonant lead guitar with Come, Uzi and Live Skull, outfits known for their fierce approach to performing and recording. Her music with the Thalia Zedek Band may not be as loud, but it has the same level of emotional intensity that’s always been her trademark. Zedek will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.


Zedek: This is a super-cool art collective that started in NYC in 1993, and I’ve been lucky enough to have become acquainted with the collective and some of their artists over the past few years. They run a year around artist residency from their base in Long Island City, Queens, where they host exhibits and happenings, almost always free to the public. This year they had a Fung Wah Biennali, a exhibit that traveled between all of the North Eastern destinations that can be reached by New York’s “Chinatown” buses. The artists who pass through there stay tightly connected and have spread the “Fluxer” network of artists and friends around the world at this point. Find a “Fluxer” near you and give them a hug!