From The Desk Of The Album Leaf: Gardening

In the time that’s elapsed since its last proper album, 2010’s A Chorus Of Storytellers, Jimmy LaValle’s the Album Leaf has popped up with a soundtrack release and a collab with Sun Kil Moon, but the entity’s (the new Between Waves is the first A. Leaf LP to be made as a band effort) exploration of all things ambient, electronic and organically understated when it comes to both instrumental endeavors and the application of the aforementioned to a very contemporary-sounding indie-pop is what prevails on Between Waves. The Album Leaf will be guest editing all week. Read our review of Between Waves.


Brad Lee: I’ve been really into working in my garden lately. I tore out our lawn last year and replaced it with low-water/drought-friendly plants and landscaping. It’s been a fun challenge to grow and maintain the new yard. It can be a really creative and rewarding process. Spending a day outside working in the dirt can be a nice break from music after a few long days in the studio or on the road. I’m even (slowly) learning a bunch of plant names. Calandrinia Spectabilis is my new favorite succulent, and my Kangaraoo Paws are ruling!