Wayback Wednesday: Hallo, Ween!

We love all our MAGNET Feedback children equally, but we do have to say we’re particularly proud of our little Mickey for the job he did on his latest homework assignment. You probably know Mickey better by that name he insists on going by: Deaner. He’s that bad kid in the back of the class who drinks whiskey, smokes dope, plays his guitar way too loud and hangs out with that other troublemaker Aaron. Although we think Aaron (a.k.a. Deaner’s “brother” Gener) has cleaned up his act for good after his last semester in reform school.

So we decided to point our “Wayback Wachine” at Ween this Wednesday. Can we get an, “All hail Boognish,” ladies and gentlemen?

Note: The above cover has been out of print since you were still wearing short fancy pants, so scan courtesy of some dude on eBay selling the issue for $8.50. Worth every damn penny, Pandy. Cover photo for MAGNET by Christian Lantry.

First off, our career-overview feature spanning 1984-2007:

Ween: A Band Of Superbad Brothers

Next, our Over/Under from 2010:

The Over/Under: Ween

Number 40 in our 120 Reasons To Live: “Push Th’ Little Daisies”:

120 Reasons To Live: Ween

Our review of Deaner’s excellent debut solo LP:

Essential New Music: Dean Ween Group’s “The Deaner Album”

We asked avid angler Dean what the weirdest fish (or non-fish) he ever reeled in was. He responded:

Please Explain: Dean Ween

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Aaron Freeman made our number-two album of 2014, so fuck you all:

MAGNET’s Top 25 Albums Of 2014