Throwback Thursday: They Might Be Giants (Don’t Destroy The Past)

Hopefully, you’ve already read our review of I Like Fun, the great new They Might Be Giants album; if not, it’s here waiting for you.

We like fun, too, and we’ve had a lot of it with Johns Flansburgh and Linnell. Who can forget the time two years ago when we featured TMBG’s 1990 landmark Flood as a MAGNET Classics? Big fun! Giant fun! The LP not only introduced the duo’s music to the masses, but it’s also come to define the iconography of They Might Be Giants, as well as the tenor of the time. If Flood didn’t leave a little birdhouse in your soul, you just weren’t listening.

MAGNET Classics: They Might Be Giants’ “Flood”

We’re not kidding when we say that not only does TMBG make mature music for modern moms and dads, the Johns have created a cottage industry for children’s classics. Here’s Why?

Essential New Music: They Might Be Giants’ “Why?”

… and Here Comes Science:

Q&A With They Might Be Giants

Speaking of science (it’s real, by the way), sometimes you just need to leave the adolescent androids at home, taste the bass, become a rockin’ robot and cast your pod to the wind like the nasty nanobot you are:

They Might Be Giants: Leave The Kids At Home

One thing’s for sure, you can never accuse TMBG of just phoning it in, even when they’re simply dialing a song:

And we’ve never been afraid of letting TMBG be the boss of us with some computer-assisted design, asking them to guest edit our website not once (2009) …

… but twice (2013).

Goodnight, our friends: Sweet dreams from TMBG land.