From The Desk Of Simon Love: How The Sausage Was Made

Welsh singer/songwriter Simon Love just released his sophomore solo album, Sincerely, S. Love x (Tapete). You should buy it immediately. The foul-mouthed Love will also be guest editing all week. Just in case you aren’t yet aware of this former frontman for the Loves, he took the liberty of introducing himself to you, dear MAGNET reader. And remember, kids: Love is all around and all you need.

Love: This is all about a Mixcloud thing I made, but you have to substitute the words “the sausage” for Sincerely, S. Love x, “made” for “influenced by” and “How” for “What.” That doesn’t make any sense. This mix is songs and acts that have influenced me over the last few years in the making of Sincerely, S. Love x, which is out now on Tapete Records. Jesus.