From The Desk Of Superdrag’s John Davis: Public Enemy Featuring Paris’ “Rebirth Of A Nation”

johndavisc1John Davis wanted rock ‘n’ roll, but he didn’t want to deal with the hassle. The Superdrag frontman broke up his band in 2003, got religion and issued a pair of solo albums, putting a seemingly tight lid on the legacy of his Knoxville, Tenn., outfit. Apparently, Davis is willing to be bothered again: Superdrag’s original lineup reconvened to record Industry Giants, a new album due March 17.

This week, MAGNET celebrates the return of Superdrag by handing Davis the reins to our website, where he’ll share his favorite music, films, food, literature and more. Read our Q&A with Davis about the comeback here.


Davis: Rebirth Of A Nation was my favorite release of 2006. Both Public Enemy and Paris have consistently been coming hard with the truth ever since (P.E. on 2007’s How Do You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul? and Paris on last year’s Acid Reflex), but this record has stayed in regular rotation, and it deserves a place among the very best from both artists. Featuring Paris’ skilled production work and his formidable flow, plus performances by Dead Prez, Kam, MC Ren, the Conscious Daughters and Immortal Technique, this collection is proof positive that Public Enemy is as vital as ever, both musically and politically. The band is showing no signs of stopping the bum rush, even after 20-plus years in the rap game.

“Hard Rhymin'” from Rebirth Of A Nation: