From The Desk Of Dean & Britta: Cheval Sombre

deanbritta120f1Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are New York City’s most effortless mod couple, a duo whose sleek, icily romantic pop can serve as both sophisticated art-gallery soundtrack and lovey-dovey fireplace music. In the four years since the breakup of former band Luna, Wareham and Phillips have pursued boutique careers in the best possible sense: in literature, film, fashion and the music business. Fittingly, their latest project, 13 Most Beautiful … Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, sets a series of Warhol’s short films to music. The couple will be guest editing all this week. Read our Q&A with Dean & Britta.


Dean: Delicate, druggy, slowcore folk. Everyone who has heard this band’s self-titled debut LP loves it. We are releasing it April 28 on our Double Feature label. Cheval Sombre hails from upstate New York, and the album is produced by Sonic Boom. I play some electric guitar; Britta plays on it, too.

“Little Bit Of Heaven” (download here):

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