From The Desk Of Bird Streets’ John Brodeur: Portishead

Omnivore just released the self-titled debut album from Brooklyn’s Bird Streets (a.k.a. John Brodeur). In addition to self-releasing records over the past two decades, Brodeur also worked as a music journalist (poor guy). For Bird Streets’ debut, Brodeur enlisted Jason Falkner (Beck, Air, Paul McCartney, Jellyfish, etc.) as co-writer, co-player and producer, while Miranda Lee Richards and Luther Russell contribute to a few tracks as well. Brodeur will be guest editing all week. Check out the Bird Streets track we premiered in June.

Brodeur: Just a shout-out to a group that has made only three perfect studio albums and a few singles in the last 25 years, that last LP (Third) coming a full decade ago. (Their Roseland NYC live record is equally stunning.) Supposedly they’ve worked on more music, but why ruin a spotless track record? All three long-players stand up nicely; each one is its own world. I had Dummy on the car stereo last week and it still sounds as jarring and original as it did 25 years ago. From that first album’s goth club bangers, to their self-titled LP’s trip-hop Bond themes, to the Silver Apples-influenced deconstruction of Third, this is an act that was always fascinating and never repetitious. To paraphrase Viv Savage, “Have a sour time, all the time.”